Connexions provides information, advice and guidance for young people, including careers advice. £1.2m of funding cuts have been made to the Connexions and youth services budget.

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Known Details:

Bromley Council plans to shut four of its ten permanent youth support centres as part of £1.2m of funding cuts to the Connexions and youth services budget. A mobile centre will remain as part of the continuing service. In addition, the integrated youth support service (Connexions plus the youth service) will be restructured, with staffing levels cut from 57.9 to 33 full-time equivalent posts. Connexions provides information, advice and guidance for young people, including careers advice


Cambridgeshire County Council is making the following cuts to its Connexions youth careers guidance and information service:

1) All Youth Work jobs and all Connexions IPA (Intensive Personal Adviser) jobs are to be merged into a new job called Youth Support Worker. The number of posts across the county is to be halved. All staff will need to compete for jobs. Many jobs will be 30 hours per week rather than 37 hours.

2) UPAs (Careers Advisers) are to be renamed Guidance Advisers. The new job role varies by less than 20 percent but, as the total number of posts is to be reduced by 25 percent, there will be competition for jobs. The council is also planning to cut the working week from 52 to 48 hours.

3) Youth Work Co-ordinator posts are to have a much expanded remit while losing 30 percent of posts.

4) CIAs (usually Education Advisers in many services) are to lose 20 percent of posts.

5) Client Researcher posts: 1 in 7 posts will go.


In total the service will be reduced from 108.47 FTEs (full-time equivalent staff) to 72.27 FTEs – a reduction of 36 FTEs. Unison think this might actually mean 44 people losing jobs.


Connexions Cheshire & Warrington, which provides youth career guidance and information, cut 80 jobs from a workforce of 300 during 2010/11 following central government funding cuts. While most education advisers were maintained, most community advisers were made redundant.


Connexions Bradford (run by Prospects) has had it’s budget for 2011/12 cut by a further 10%, having already endured a 13% budget cut late in 2010. This will mean that a further 8-10 members of staff  – who support young people -will be losing their jobs within the next few weeks. The number of young people – many of whom are vulnerable – will go without much needed support surrounding issues such as Employment, Housing, Health and Sexual Health, Careers Advice, Educational Choices, and much more… and all this at a time when youth unemployment continues to rise.


Connexions Norfolk has already suffered 50% cuts (announced in July 2010) and significant change to practitioner roles. Connexions provides careers advice and other information, advice, guidance and support to all 13-19 year olds (and to young people up to the age of 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities).


News reports say 50 jobs will be cut from the service in Northamptonshire.


Over 55 posts at the Connexions West information service have been lost during 2010, nearly a third of all Connexions staff, including frontline Personal Advisers. Operating hours may also have to be cut back and the service may have to reduce the amount of face-to-face advice it gives young people as a result of government funding cuts. Connexions West provides information, advice and guidance services to young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 if they have learning difficulties or disabilities). Services are provided within schools and colleges, and to young people in the community (eg. youth centres, job centres etc).  In particular, Personal Advisers provide targeted support to young people with learning difficulties or disabilities, young people at risk of dropping out of education, young people not in employment, education or training (NEET), or who are vulnerable for any other reason.


On 25th January 2011, staff at Coventry & Warwickshire Connexions – a youth careers advice and information service – were informed that Warwickshire County Council planned to cease funding for an Information, Advice & Guidance service altogether, even though there is a statutory requirement for such a service in schools. All Connexions staff have been issued with stage one redundancy notices. The Youth Service currently operates over 30 youth clubs, projects or centres across the county.


Connexions, the service for young people aged 13-19 (or 25 for those with learning difficulties or disabilities), closed its office in Erdington on 26th November 2010.Staff from the Erdington office, which was open for 20 years, have moved to other Connexions premises and there is an attempt to maintain a local presence following concerns the young people may find difficulty reaching Broad Street, where the nearest office is based.


Essex County Council decided to scrap the Connexions advice service for teenagers in December 2010. The move will mean at least 160 people lose their jobs. The service will almost certainly be cut by the end of the school year.


Lewisham Council will axe all funding for its Connexions service, which gives information and advice for young people aged 13-19, on 31st March 2011, with all staff made redundant.


Suffolk County Council is planning to make severe cuts to its Connexions youth advice service and other youth services. All youth clubs and projects are closing or being ‘divested’. All Youth and Connexions full and part time workers are losing their jobs on 31st March 2011 and will have to apply under new terms and conditions for new job roles that are in the process of being developed. This will result in the loss of around 70 percent of the workforce. Young people, the public and other agencies have not been and will not be consulted on this; the council claims this is not necessary as young people etc have been consulted in the past. At present the youth service deliver work on youth access, detached youth work, diversity, sexual health, schools work, teenage parents, and young people not attending school or at risk of exclusion.


Connexions, the youth careers advice and information service, cut around 30 FTE (full-time equivalent) posts during 2010/11 – from a total of 75 FTE – following a 40 percent funding cut. Among the jobs going are four management positions, 5.8 support staff and 20.8 from a mix of personal advisers, employment and training advisers, and advanced practitioners.