Fire Service


In The News

BBC NEWS (27th Mar 2012): MPs call for rethink on Merseyside fire service cuts

BBC NEWS (26th Mar 2012): South Yorkshire fire authority votes to close stations

BBC NEWS (16th Feb 2012): Fife fire service cuts ‘may increase risk to communities’

GUARDIAN (4th Nov 2011): Fire service spending cuts risk lives, say firefighters – video

INDEPENDENT (4th Mar 2011): Firefighters say ‘savage’ budget cuts could put lives in danger


Known Details

Budget cuts to Dorset Fire & rescue Service of 25%

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service will see its funding reduced by 5.9 per cent next year, including the scrapping of up-to-date control rooms for 999 calls.

The Nottinhamshire Fire service faces a £5m cut equalling 12 percent of its budget over two years. This will mean the closure of three fire stations, with three fire engines removed from service and three more fire engines from other stations to be axed. 60 officers and 50 support staff will lose their jobs, as well as the approx 100 firefighter jobs from the six lost fire engines.