Lollipop Men and Women


In The News

BBC NEWS (20th June 2011): Union fighting to save ‘lollipop ladies’ from cuts

BBC NEWS (17th June 2011): Majority of Dorset schools will not pay for crossing patrols

BBC NEWS (11th Feb 2011): Herne Hill school protest over Lambeth ‘lollipop’ cuts

BBC NEWS (20th Jan 2011): Dorset lollipop patrol funding cuts spark protest march

BBC NEWS (8th Jan 2011): Lollipop staff protest at cuts in Lowestoft

INDEPENDENT (27th Dec 2010): Beginning of the end for lollipop men and women


Known Details

Bromley Council has voted to axe its school crossing patrols as part of its cuts for 2012/13.

Funding for 10 lollipop patrols in Dorset were withdrawn at the end of July 2011. Dorset County Council agreed to cut 65 crossing patrol sites by December 2011. This move resulted in 85 lollipop men and women losing their jobs

Lambeth is axing its provision of Lollipop men and women throughout the borough. There were almost 1,200 accidents in the Lambeth last year, the third-highest rate in the capital. No other London borough considers it an option

The number of lollipop patrols at Manchester schools is likely to be cut as Manchester City Council reviews funding for school crossing patrols in an attempt to save £626k in 2012/13. In addition, the council will review the provision of road safety education in order to save £132k in 2011/12.