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BBC News: Birmingham City Council plans £62m of budget cuts. 8 February 2012

BBC News: Nottingham City Council approves £20m budget cuts. 5 March 2012

BBC News:Stoke council plans £24m spending cuts for 2012/13. 21 November 2011

BBC News: Salford City Council approves £24m worth of budget cuts. 22 February 2012

BBC News: Budget confirms Leeds City Council cutting 400 jobs. 2 February 2012

Known Details:

Local Council Cut
Aberdeen City Council Local government in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City to cut 2,400 jobs over the next two years.
Angus Council 500 jobs to go at Angus Council
Birmingham Council Birmingham City Council anticipates the loss of 7,116 full-time non-school jobs between 2011 and 2015 – a 37 percent reduction in the council workforce.When part-time jobs are factored in, total job losses rise to 10,000. 3,700 full-time jobs will be shed through voluntary and compulsory redundancy and early retirement. 2,937 jobs will be “transferred out” to mutuals or cooperatives. 475 jobs will be cut through natural turnover.The job cuts are part of plans by the council to save £300m from the city budget by 2015. The plans are currently out to consultation.
Blackburn Council Mobile library service to be cut and library opening hours reduced. Arts and cultural events / provisions to be cut include reduction in opening hours, special events and local museums reduced to seasonal or four day week opening. Twenty play areas to close, four bowling greens.Half of the housing department to lose their jobs. The affordable housing programme is being scaled back, with less new accommodation being built.
The council says this is ‘likely’ to lead to an increase in homelessness.Bus services that currently receive a council subsidy because they do not make a profit for the operator. This will mostly affect rural communities, many of which rely on the bus for a connection to the town centres and vital services, eight routes to be cut including one to the only hospital with A and E in East Lancashire. A further 8 reduced service.Projects to boost employment and regeneration in the borough will be cut by 70 per cent following the demise of the North West Regional Development Agency.

Potholes will be repaired on a danger to the public basis only.
Public protection work, including dealing with illegal alcohol, tobacco and firework sales, will be reduced, and the community safety budget has been cut by £1.4million.

Beat Sweep days, when police and council teams target a specific area, will be reduced, and the council’s ability to prevent domestic violence will be reduced because of a funding cut.

Blackpool Council Blackpool Council is suffering the consequences of a £27m budget reduction as 700 town hall jobs are being axed.
Bolton Council It is estimated that up to 2,000 council workers may lose their jobs between 2010 and 2015 as Bolton council faces the biggest cuts in its history. The Government settlement for Bolton is to cut council funding by £56m. Bolton has been reliant on grant funding to deliver many of its services, particularly Children’s Services. Almost all of these grants are to cease with devastating consequences for jobs and services.Unison branch secretary Bernie Gallagher reacted angrily to the government announcement: “It is very clear now what this government is about, they are on an ideological mission to destroy the public sector as we know it. With inflation predicted to reach 4% by April, unemployment rising and the threat of mass redundancies, now is the time for the trade union movement to demonstrate its collective strength”.Bolton Unison has arranged a campaign of lobbying events, member meetings and will be holding a consultative ballot of members to assess the strength of feeling to fight the cuts.
Boston Borough Council Boston Borough Council reduced its workforce by the equivalent of 14 full-time staff between 2009 and 2010, falling from 256 to 242 full-time equivalent staff. Half the reduction was achieved through redundancies.
Bristol City Council Bristol City Council plans to cut 340 staff posts during 2011/12, of which around 180 are likely to be through natural turnover and 160 through redundancies.
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council The council has issued formal notice that it intends to fire 4,500 council staff and is halving their redundancy pay.
Colchester Borough Council Colchester Borough Council is cutting 100 jobs as a result of funding reductions. Overall, the council expects to lose a tenth of its workforce as public sector spending cuts bite.
Cornwall council 2,000 jobs are going at Cornwall Council.
Council Services 500 FTE jobs to go at Dorset County Council
Doncaster council The elected mayor and his cabinet have decided to close 14 libraries out of doncaster’s council 26 libraries.The save our libraries group have organised a family protest ouside the mansion house, high street doncaster at 0915 on monday 21st february, prior to the budget setting full council. doncaster people are asked to bring their families (it’s half term) as the total savings is only one and a half million pounds out of a total budget of over £400 million pounds.
Dorset County Council Additional staff to be cut in latest figures.Dorset County Council Squeezing staff in to ever smaller space500 FTE jobs to go at Dorset County Council 

Dorset County Council aims to save around £6.1m across all directorates through changes to staff pay and conditions including:

• the impact of a pay freeze in 2010-11 and 2011-12 (£3.6m);
• changes to pay, terms and conditions of staff with effect from 2012-13;
• reduction in the multiplier applied to actual pay due on redundancy from 2.5 to 1.75 from 1 April 2011 with potential further reductions being explored.

Dundee City Council City Council budget cuts of £20million in 2011-12, £10million in 2012-13 and £10million in 2013-14
Ealing Council Ealing Council is planning to put 300 members of staff at risk of redundancy.
East Sussex County Council 150-200 jobs are expected to be cut during 2011/12. 315 job losses are expected in the council’s children’s services department between 2011 and 2015.
Fife Council Fife Council plans to cut around 1,800 jobs during 2010/11 – affecting nine percent of the council’s 20,000 staff by March 2011.The cuts are part of a plan to reduce the local authority’s budget by almost £120m over four years. The authority has warned that staffing levels may need to fall by as much as 15 percent by 2014.
Gloucestershire County Council 1,000 jobs will go at the council – over 400 in the first wave. Libraries, youth centres, day centres and council services to go.
Hampshire County Council Hampshire County Council have announced 1,200 job cuts, which represents around 8 percent of the workforce. Adult and children’s services will see an 11 percent cut and youth services a 60 percent cut in what is only the first year of the cuts programme.In addition to this Hampshire County Council have announced that 5,000 of the lowest paid staff will be sacked and re-employed on lower terms and conditions. Carers will see a 3 percent-plus cut to their wages.
Kent County Council 1500 jobs from KCC shown
550 Further jobs from KCC that are hidden in their budget
167 Jobs from Medway Council so far
large unknown number of school support staff losing their jobs
Kent police to lose 1000 civilian as well as officer roles
Pfizer’s In Sandwich to lose 2,500 jobs as it closes its site in Sandwich
Large job cuts in Shepway, Thanet, Dover and Canterbury as they move to shared services
Lambeth Council Lambeth Council expects to shed around 800 staff posts from 2011-13 due to budget cutbacks. A council statement says that such a large cut in staff “is expected to significantly affect the council’s ability to meet the expectations of residents over the coming years.”
Lewisham Council Lewisham Council plans to cut at least 375 staff posts. Phase I of the cuts will see a net reduction of 240 posts, including 134 redundancies. Phase II of the cuts will include the deletion of at least 135 posts – although local trade unions believe the true figure could be higher.
Lincoln City Council City of Lincoln Council reduced its workforce by 44 between 2009 and 2010, falling from 830 to 786. 16 people were made redundant.
Lincolnshire County Council Lincolnshire County Council reduced its workforce by the equivalent of 77 full-time staff between 2009 and 2010, falling from 5,313 to 5,236 full-time equivalent staff. Most of the reduction was achieved through natural turnover, with six people made redundant.
Lincolnshire County Council Lincolnshire County Council is planning to axe over 800 jobs in response to required savings of £18 million a year. The council budget needs to be cut by 2015 to cope with losing £42.8 million of government cash between 2011 and 2013. Children’s services and adult/children’s commissioning suffered the biggest hit, with 522 out of 2,000 staff posts expected to be cut.
Local Authorities in Wales WALES’ councils are facing the toughest financial climate in years, experts have warned, as they prepare to cut more than a massive £175m from next year’s budgets.Financial plans for 2011/12 are set to be confirmed within weeks, with proposals showing libraries, leisure centres, public toilets and care homes are likely to be hit hard.Overall, councils in Wales are looking to cut 3.5% of their 2010/11 budgets, though efficiencies needed vary from £1m in Pembrokeshire to almost £22m in Cardiff.Newport is facing the biggest cut – 6.68% – with councillors looking to save £1 for every £15 it spent in 2010/11, as it looks to save £15.9m
Magherafelt District Council A total of 184 council workers, throughout each of the council’s departments, received letters inviting applications for redundancy in late November 2010. The move came just 12 months after a number of workers at the Greenvale Leisure Centre in the town were forced to take redundancy. Mid-Ulster Trades Council spokesman, Harry Hutchinson, greeted the development with alarm. He said:”All it’s going to do is reduce employment in the area and leave the council inevitably over stretched. While they are acting within the law, we condemn any further reductions in employment. This is not the way forward at this particular time.”
Manchester City Council 2,000 jobs are to go at Manchester City Council because of government spending cuts. The Labour-run council said it needed to reduce its workforce by about 17 percent after changes to local authority grants left a huge hole in its finances. Officers need to find £110m of savings in 2011-12, £60m more than expected.
Moray Council Approximately 75 jobs,1.7% of the council’s total workforce are to be lost in the financial year 2011/12 as a result of budget cuts being made across most services totalling £9.5 million. Further job losses are anticipated in 2012/13 and 2013/14 due to ongoing financial pressures.
Norfolk County Council Norfolk Council is axing 1,000 jobs in a bid to save £155m between 2011 and 2014. The council will try and limit compulsory redundancies, but admits some will be necessary.
North Somerset Council North Somerset Council will cut 130 full time jobs in 2011/12. This figure may rise as the council’s financial settlement from central government has been worse than expected. Some of the job losses involve the transfer of jobs in Cultural and Leisure services to the private sector, other job losses will be in Home Care, Libraries, School Improvement, Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Building Control. There will also be cuts to funding of care packages for elderly and disabled people, including day care and residential care.
Peterborough Council Peterborough City Council expects to remove 181 staff posts in 2011/12 due to budget cuts.This figure excludes redundancies already in progress prior to the 2011/12 budget proposals, and also includes imminent restructures not included in the council’s medium term financial strategy, such as in business support services.The council is also planning to remove benefits and introduce charges for staff members:* enhanced staff childcare benefits will be removed, affecting 42 employees
* removal of Essential Car User Allowance, likely to affect around 430 staff
* introducing an annual car parking fee for all staff, set at £500 a year and affecting 1,600 employees

In line with national government policy, a public sector pay freeze is in place.

Reading Borough Council 300 jobs are going at Reading Borough Council. This is on the back of 170 who have already left under a voluntary scheme.
Salford City Council Salford City Council is set to shed hundreds of jobs under plans to save £39m over three years.Town hall bosses say they will try to avoid compulsory redundancies and instead leave vacancies unfilled. But the size of the cuts means compulsory redundancies cannot be ruled out.A council source said: “It is correct we are planning to save £13m annually for the next three years. All departments are under scrutiny but the final details have yet to be decided.”Cuts in the number of staff working for the Local Education Authority and social services are likely. The city’s controversial and loss-making Christmas ice rink may not survive the cuts.

Council leader John Merry said: “We are preparing to deal with the expected cuts in public spending and can’t promise that it will not have an impact on the services we provide the people of Salford.

A further reduction of £624k in addition to the £2m reduction in 2011/12 in the Supporting People programme which gives support to over 5,500 vulnerable people.

The funding for the Supporting People programme was reduced from £13m to £11m in 2011/12 and 2012/13 will see a further reduction of £779,000 with less funding available to housing support services for learning difficulty, mental health, and sheltered accommodation and homeless clients.

This will reduce funding for sheltered accommodation by 13%, homelessness accommodation and floating support by 5% and learning difficulties and mental health by almost 5%. These savings will result from changes made to service delivery leading to a reduced number of people supported or a reduction in the level of support provided. In addition providers have also reviewed their service delivery and made efficiencies. The Supporting People team will be reduced by 4 posts which will mean potentially fewer reviews of service delivery are undertaken and a risk that value for money and quality of some services may reduce.

A further reduction of £850k – in addition to the £1.2m reduction in 2011/12 – to the Skills and Work service, which has successfully helped some 2,800 local residents to find and be skilled for work or into jobs in the Salford economy in the past 12 months. This is a much needed service at this time.

The council’s budget papers note the risk:

“The £850k saving in Skills and Work represents a further 25% reduction in funding and while the service will continue to prioritise families at risk and people affected by welfare benefit reform and child poverty, the reduction in funding will undoubtedly result in fewer people being supported to move off benefits and into work. The Skills and Work service is supported by a network of eleven local Community and Voluntary Sector providers under the Raising Aspirations commissioning programme and whilst some savings are anticipated to be made through joint commissioning of some of these organisations, it will not be possible to continue to deliver the same level of support in the future. This could impact on the ongoing viability of some excellent local grass roots organisations.”

Somerset County Council 1,500 jobs are to be cut by Somerset County Council over the next three years, with 700 to go before April 2011. These job cuts come on top of a recruitment freeze that has been in operation for the last 18 months. This cut is part of the county council’s £73 million package of cuts. The jobs represents around one quarter of the council’s non-school workforce.
South Kesteven District Council South Kesteven District Council reduced its workforce by 41 between 2009 and 2010, falling from 730 to 689. The reduction was largely achieved through natural turnover, with one redundancy.
Southampton City Council Southampton City Council plans to cut up to 250 jobs during 2010/11, while all 4,180 non-teaching council staff face a 5.4 percent pay cut through reduced hours.
Southwark Council Southwark Council has threatened that it may need to make 1000 employees redundant over the next 3 years in order to save £80m+ demanded by the LibDemCon government, including £32m in the Adult Social Care budget and 25% cuts to the housing management service
Trafford Council A minimum of 300 council staff will be made redundant, with more redundancies to be announced at a later date.
Warwickshire County Council Warwickshire County Council is consulting on a series of cuts that would see the jobs of around 1,855 direct employees’ jobs disappear . Excluding fire staff and teachers the council employs 15,000 staff and these cuts amount to 12.5 percent of these staff. The job losses are scheduled over the next three years.Amongst many others, the council’s package of job losses and cuts include:
Reductions in residential care for the elderly, people with physical disabilities and people with learning disabilities;
Reducing day services for the elderly and people with learning disabilities;
Loss of 20% of jobs in Adult Social Care;
Loss of the whole of the Youth Service and the Positive About Young People partnership;
Reductions in services to schools and families and passing the cost of existing services on to schools;
Removal of community transport and subsidised evening bus services;
Reductions in the enforcement work of Trading Standards and the support that is given to vulnerable customers;
Reductions in the funding for Children’s Centres, Early Years services and Connexions;
Stopping the payment of nursery and childminding fees and reducing the funding for the education of looked after children;
Further closures of libraries;
Reductions in the maintenance of the county’s highways;
30% reduction in the budget for heritage and cultural services
West Lindsey District Council West Lindsey District Council reduced staffing by 34 workers between 2009 and 2010 – a cut of around 10 percent of total staffing levels. Five people were made redundant.
Peterborough parish council Peterborough City Council is planning to cut funding for local parish councils by a fifth from 2012/13.The council currently pays a grant to each parish council based on a fixed sum per head of population in the parish. This payment is automatic, regardless of whether the budget plans for the parish indicate that it is needed, and is increased by inflation each year.The council justifies the planned funding cut on the basis that the current approach effectively sees money being shifted from non-parished areas to those that have parishes.The council’s proposal would see these grants reduced, roughly in line with the expected reduction in grants that the council itself is facing. It would be down to each parish council to consider in their own budget planning how this impacts them.

This proposal does not affect payment of sums for service provided by parish councils on behalf of the city council, or the payment of council tax sums that the city council collects as the billing authority.

The council’s plans are currently out to public consultation along with the remainder of its proposed budget, with responses due by early February 2011.