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BBC News: ‘Save buses’ campaign launched to fight council cuts. 3 February 2011

BBC News: Derbyshire bus and train subsidy cuts approved. 29 March 2011

BBC News: School transport: Many councils ‘making cuts’. 2 December 2011

Guardian: Transport department: speedy cuts but still searching for efficiency. 14 December 2011

Guardian: Bus services under threat from cuts. 3 February 2011

Guardian: Rural transport cuts put essential services out of reach. 11 August 2011

Known Details:

Service Cut
Borehamwood bus services More than 50,000 passenger journeys are expected to be lost as Hertfordshire County Council cuts bus services in Borehamwood. According to county documents, the 656 bus route which operates between St Albans and Borehamwood will be withdrawn from evenings and Sundays, affecting 7,700 journeys.The 398 service which links Potters Bar and Borehamwood has been marked for, as yet unconfirmed changes which will lose 23,500 journeys.And the B1/2 and W7/9 routes currently serving the town centre and as a route to Watford, will be joined, with the frequency of journeys in the south of Borehamwood halved – creating an anticipated passenger loss of 20,000.
Huntingdon Bus Station redevelopment Huntingdonshire District Council has scrapped plans to redevelop Huntingdon Bus Station in the wake of central government funding cuts.
Kent Local Transport Schemes £4,100,000 has been cut from Kent’s local transport schemes, which are intended to ease congestion and improve safety. Furthermore, £608,000 has been cut from the budget which funds speed cameras and signs.
Leeds FreeCityBus Leeds City Council is planning to scrap its funding for the FreeCityBus, which provides a free bus service linking Leeds’ rail and bus stations, business and shopping districts, General Infirmary, universities and Park Lane College.
Local bus services, Cornwall Cornwall council is reducing the bus pass subsidy granted to local bus companies to just 44% of the actual cost borne by the companies : substantial reductions in services are now anticipated across the region.See link :
Merseytravel Merseytravel’s block funding grant from the Department for Transport has been slashed by two thirds, with the Chairman of the transport authority Councillor Mark Dowd warning of severe repercussions on future transport projects.Councillor Dowd said: ”Never in our most pessimistic forecasts did we anticipate such a crippling and savage cut.“Having already dealt with a 25% cut of our £17million allocation during this financial year, we had made realistic budget predictions of receiving just over £13million next year. We now know we are going to get only £5.74million and this is going to have a severe impact on our future plans.“Currently we are reviewing all projects for next year, but my immediate reaction is that it will be difficult enough to maintain and operate what we have let alone think about improvements.

“During my 28 years as a councillor I have never experienced such a financial savagery, these cuts are vicious”.

Merseytravel is the operating name for the Merseyside Transport Authority and Merseyside Transport Executive. The Authority sets transport policy, while the Executive delivers it.

Selby bus depot A dozen jobs are to be lost at Selby bus depot following £600,000 of subsidy cuts by North Yorkshire County Council. The cuts will also mean a loss of bus services after 5.30pm on weekdays, and services on Sundays and Bank Holidays will be reduced to one bus to York.
Somerset bus services Somerset County Council is cutting its bus subsidies across the county. This could mean 50 percent of bus services ceasing. Those most likely to go will be unprofitable rural services. Somerset is a largely rural county and many people depend on the bus service to be able to get to the shops, particularly since many rural post offices have been forced to close.
Watford bus services Cuts are being made to bus routes in south-west Hertfordshire, including the number 8 Watford to Mount Vernon route which will see an early evening reduction affecting 1,200 journeys.The Sunday service for the number 2 Watford to South Oxhey bus will be withdrawn (5,500 journeys), along with the evening service for the W1 Abbots Langley to South Oxhey route (11,700 journeys).The 501 Watford to Tring route will have its evening service reduced from hourly to every two hours (10,300 journeys), and the R9 Chipperfield to Asda Watford will be reduced from six days to three (5,200 journeys).