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BBC News: Cornwall Council warns cuts threaten road safety. 31 May 2012

Guardian: Road safety budget cuts risking lives, advisers warn. 11 May 2012

Guardian: Road safety budgets cut by 15%. May 1 2012

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Road Cut
A1 Leeming to Barton The government cancelled the northern section of the A1 Dishforth to Barton road scheme in its October 2010 Spending Review.While work on the southern section – from Dishforth to Leeming – is underway and will continue, the cancellation of the Leeming to Barton section means that it will remain impossible for motorists to travel from Newcastle to the M25 on an unbroken stretch of motorway.The scheme was designed to expand this section of the A1 from a dual carriageway to a three-lane motorway. Highway managers believed that upgrading the entire Dishforth to Barton section to a motorway could save 13 lives and prevent more than 200 serious injuries in the next 60 years.
A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton The government cancelled the A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton highway project in the October 2010 Spending Review. By the government’s own admission, this corridor faces severe congestion, and mobility along the route is critical for economic success and growth. However, the Department for Transport decided that its £1bn cost was unaffordable.The A14 is a dual carriageway running from M1/M6 motorway junction to Felixstowe Docks, a distance of approximately 130miles (210km). It is designated the main east-west strategic route between the east coast ports and the Midlands. The Ellington to Fen Ditton scheme was to have included:* A new two lane dual carriageway to the west of Huntingdon between Ellington and the A1
* A new three lane dual carriageway between A1 and Fen Drayton around the south of Huntingdon and Godmanchester
* Widening of the existing A14 to three lanes in each direction between Fen Drayton and Fen Ditton, a distance of approximately 11miles (17km)
* Local access roads alongside the widened A14 between Fen Drayton and M11 Junction 14 at Girton
* Major interchanges with the A1 at Brampton, the existing A14 at Fen Drayton and the M11/A428 at Girton
* Detrunking of the existing A14 between the A1 and Fen Drayton and removal of the Huntingdon Railway Viaduct to provide opportunities for regenerating Huntingdon town centre
A19/A189 Moor Farm Junction The government cancelled the proposed improvement works at the A19/A189 Moor Farm Junction near Dudley in its October 2010 Spending Review.The existing  junction is a six-armed roundabout. The A19 provides access to the Port of Tyne, and to major employment sites, while the A189 is a major arterial commuter route linking South Northumberland with Newcastle. Traffic flows on the A19 through the junction are expected to increase significantly on completion of the second Tyne Tunnel.A recently completed improvement scheme will deliver short-term benefits, but the cancelled project was required to maintain an acceptable level of service in the longer term at this key location.
A21 Flimwell to Robertsbridge The government cancelled the A21 Flimwell to Robertsbridge bypass scheme in its October 2010 Spending Review.The proposed scheme was for the A21 to bypass the villages of Flimwell, Hurst Green and Silver Hill in East Sussex. At present, this section of the A21 is mainly unimproved single carriageway with a poor alignment and narrow verges that severely restricts safe overtaking opportunities.There are numerous frontages with direct access to the trunk road, not only within the village centres but also between the communities. Within the villages of Flimwell, Hurst Green and Silver Hill and the scattered settlements between, there is concern over increasing trunk road traffic which generates noise and air pollution, and causes severance within the communities.There is limited provision along the road for pedestrians and the road impacts on their safety. While traffic can flow freely outside the peak periods, delays occur to traffic accessing the A21 from side roads. In addition, due to the poor alignment and narrow width of the A21 any incident or maintenance quickly causes significant queuing. The accident rate is also above the national average.
A21 Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst The government cancelled the proposed A21 Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst road improvement project in its October 2010 Spending Review.The A21 links the Hastings/Bexhill and Tunbridge Wells/Tonbridge conurbations to the M25 and the trunk road network. The Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst section has a high accident rate and congestion occurs particularly at peak times. There are no footways on this section and the verges are either very narrow or non-existent.The route alignment is poor and there are numerous frontages with direct access to the trunk road. The narrow verges limit visibility and this, combined with the numerous bends and crests, limits safe overtaking opportunities.
Dorset highway maintenance and transportation Dorset County Council is proposing the following savings to its highways and transportation service in 2011/12:• transferring responsibility for amenity planting and grass cutting to district/borough councils as in other 2 tier authorities (subject to legal advice);
• reducing routine maintenance on parts of the road network that are least used (e.g. cul de sacs, back lanes and duplicate routes);
• moving to part-night street light burning in urban and rural residential areas (may prove difficult to make saving within 2011/12);
• transferring responsibility for school crossing patrols in areas of low risk to community/school volunteers in line with practice elsewhere;
• road safety – focusing expenditure on the ‘No Excuse’ campaign and reducing Dorset Road Safe Partnership funding in line with government cuts of 28 percent;
• ceasing advertisements of temporary traffic regulation orders in the paper;
• reducing the number of staff working on operations, strategy, business support, communications and dealing with enquiries and complaints
Kingsthorpe Corridor On 13th July 2010 Northamptonshire County Council pulled the plug on the Kingsthorpe Corridor highway improvement scheme, which was designed to improve bus reliability and reduce delays for other road users in the area around the main shopping centre in the town of Kingsthorpe.The decision was a result of the coalition government’s decision to cut transport capital funding for local government.
Leeds highway maintenance Leeds City Council is planning to cut its highway maintenance revenue budget by £1.5m.
Manchester highways maintenance Manchester City Council plans to significantly cut its highways maintenance capital spending, with only essential repairs carried out. New speed bumps or community road safety schemes will not be funded.