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Monochrome stub is a tongue now blunt, When   a       (cka-cka-cka)        / cleave / A song site to song coal scream: “our”.   Pink are worms and jetty mines, & Sits you, and you between me cut, History and all of language, Under the shadowed shapes the “flicker of empty flags”.     They expunge the…(Read More)

Victim Support


In The News: BBC NEWS (16th Sept 2011): Victim compensation fund reduced  GUARDIAN (Apr 20 2012): Victims ‘to suffer twice with cuts’ Known Details: Area Cut Barnsley Victim Support Funding cut for Keepsafe project.Received a total of £84,696 in 2010/11; cut by a total of £64,228 in 2011/12 following cuts…(Read More)



In The News: BBC News: Universities’ teaching grant cut by 6%. 20 December 2010 BBC News: What will cuts mean for education? 20 October 2010 Guardian: University funding cuts: which institutions are worst hit? 17 March 2011 Guardian: Careers service and literacy hit by schools funding cuts. 26 December 2011 Guardian: England’s newer universities…(Read More)



In The News: Guardian: Charity cuts: not even the scouts are immune. 17 March 2011 Guardian: Scout movement ‘threatened by cuts’. 17 March 2011 BBC News: Scouts warn of ‘threat’ from council rent rises. 17 March 2011 Known Details: Scout Association Cut 2nd Bootle Scouts Charity. Use of school premises for delivery of activities. Local…(Read More)



In The News: BBC News: Cornwall Council warns cuts threaten road safety. 31 May 2012 Guardian: Road safety budget cuts risking lives, advisers warn. 11 May 2012 Guardian: Road safety budgets cut by 15%. May 1 2012 Known Details: Road Cut A1 Leeming to Barton The government cancelled the northern section of the A1 Dishforth…(Read More)



In The News: BBC News: Community and school sport bears brunt of spending cuts. 20 October 2010 Guardian: School sports cuts threaten the Olympic legacy, says Tessa Jowell. 7 January 2012 Known Details: Service Cut St EdmundsburyAbbeycroft Leisure Manages Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill leisure centres.Received £389,800 in 2010/11; cut by £49…(Read More)

Public Transport


In The News: BBC News: ‘Save buses’ campaign launched to fight council cuts. 3 February 2011 BBC News: Derbyshire bus and train subsidy cuts approved. 29 March 2011 BBC News: School transport: Many councils ‘making cuts’. 2 December 2011 Guardian: Transport department: speedy cuts but still searching for efficiency. 14 December 2011 Guardian: Bus services…(Read More)

Public Toilets


In The News: BBC News: Public toilets threatened by cuts ‘vital’ to St Ives tourism. 8 June 2012 BBC News: Guernsey toilet closure ‘bad for tourists’, says guide. 23 May 2012 BBC News: Highland Council to cut 14 public toilets Guardian Comment Is Free: Public toilets go down the pan. 18 February 2011 BBC Magazine…(Read More)



In The News: BBC News: Fifth of museums hit by 25% funding cuts, finds survey. 20 July 2011 BBC News: Museum thefts: Are budget cuts to blame? 23 May 2012 BBC News: Liverpool museums could start charging due to funding cuts. 13 March 2012 Guardian: Merseyside museums at risk of major cuts. 27 March 2012…(Read More)

Local Councils


In The News: BBC News: Birmingham City Council plans £62m of budget cuts. 8 February 2012 BBC News: Nottingham City Council approves £20m budget cuts. 5 March 2012 BBC News:Stoke council plans £24m spending cuts for 2012/13. 21 November 2011 BBC News: Salford City Council approves £24m worth of budget cuts. 22 February…(Read More)



In The News: BBC News: Gloucestershire library cuts of £1.8m agreed by council. 5 April 2012 BBC News: Library cuts: The battle of the bookshelves. 13 October 2011 BBC News: Anger at Manx mobile library cuts. 16 March 2012 BBC News: Authors join day of protest at library cuts. 5 February 2011 Known Details…(Read More)



In The News: BBC News: Police budget cuts detail revealed. 13 December 2010 Guardian: Budget cuts hit police with more than 2,000 officers forced to retire. 29 March 2011 Known Details: Department Cut Kent Police Kent’s police force is cutting 1500 jobs- 500 of which will be uniformed officers. The Chief Constable has…(Read More)

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a tax-free benefit for disabled children and adults to help with extra costs they may have through disability. In The News:  BBC NEWS (16the April 2012): Disability Living Allowance changes and cost-cutting GUARDIAN (12th Jan 2011): Disability living allowance cuts could confine disabled to homes…(Read More)

Legally bound to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, enforce and promote equality across the nine “protected” grounds – age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, sexual orientation and gender reassignment. In The News: GUARDIAN (15th May 2012): Equality and Human Rights Commission has workforce halved BBC…(Read More)



In The News: BBC NEWS (24 March 2012): Osborne ‘raiding’ NHS budget to fund income tax cuts BBC NEWS (20 March 2012): NHS bill: Lords approve NHS reforms BBC NEWS (20 March 2012): Analysis: What next for the NHS? BBC NEWS (20 November 2011): Nearly 50,000 NHS jobs ‘under threat’ BBC NEWS (7 October…(Read More)

Top Rate Of Tax


George Osbourne has cut the tax rate on each pound earned over £150,000 from 50p to 45p. In The News: BBC NEWS (21 March 2012): Budget 2012: George Osborne cuts 50p top tax rate  GUARDIAN (21 March 2012):  Budget 2012: 50p tax rate scrapped…(Read More)

Child Tax Credit


The child tax credit is a means-tested benefit paid to parents and carers who are responsible for at least one child under 16 living under their roof, or what HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) calls “a young person”. In The News BBC NEWS (26th April 2012): Q&A: Child benefit changes BBC NEWS…(Read More)

Legal Aid


Legal aid helps people pay for the cost of getting legal advice. You must meet certain conditions to be eligible for legal aid. Find out how legal aid works and what costs legal aid can help with. In The News: Guardian: Labour peer condemns legal aid cuts. 2 May 2012 Guardian: Barristers may strike over…(Read More)

Education Maintenance Allowances were payments of up to £30 a week given to students from low-income households in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland if they stay on at school or college. In The News BBC NEWS (13th Oct 2011): EMA: Student numbers fall blamed on allowance cut BBC NEWS (28th Mar 2011): Q…(Read More)

Housing Support


In The News GUARDIAN (1st Jan 2012): Housing benefit cuts will put 800,000 homes out of reach, according to study BBC NEWS (26th Oct 2011): Reductions in housing support ‘puts vulnerable at risk’ BBC NEWS (27th Oct 2010): No change to housing benefit plan – Cameron   Known Details: Local Authority Charity What it does…(Read More)

In The News INDEPENDENT (21st Nov 2011): Cuts are pushing mental health services to the edge, says study BBC NEWS (14th Jun 2011): Mental health staff battle cash cuts to service   Known details: Oldham Acorn Treatment & Housing Treatment and accommodation to help people recovering from addiction. Received £500 in 2010/11; no funding…(Read More)



In The News BBC NEWS (16th May 2012): Equality laws to be ‘simplified’ to ease obligations on business   Known details: Portsmouth Race Equality Network Organisation Received £19,000 in 2010/11; no funding in 2011/12 following cuts to Area Based Grants. Telford & Wrekin Race Equality and Diversity Partnership Received £225,000 in…(Read More)



In The News GUARDIAN (24th May 2012): UK solar subsidy to be cut GUARDIAN (17th May 2012): UK carbon targets ‘at risk over local authority funding cuts’ GUARDIAN (20th Oct 2011): UK renewable energy subsidies slashed   Known details: Hackney Association of Conservation of Energy Received £24,300 in 2010/11; no funding in 2011…(Read More)

In The News GUARDIAN (31st Jan 2012): Cuts force domestic violence refuges to turn victims away BBC NEWS (16th Sep 2011): Victim compensation fund reduced   Known Details: Devon Against Domestic Violence and Abuse Received £1,784,000 in 2010/11; cut by £613,000 in 2011/12. London Councils Ashiana Network Received £19,003…(Read More)

In The News BBC NEWS (30th May 2012): North Yorkshire County Council defends special needs cut GUARDIAN (16th May 2012): Letters: The human cost of disability cuts BBC NEWS (3rd Apr 2012): Charity cuts fear for those with learning disabilities   Known Details Kensington & Chelsea Action Disability Received £126,554 in 2010/11; cut…(Read More)

In The News: Guardian: Youth crime prevention cuts warning. February 15 2011 Guardian: How will the cuts affect services preventing violence against women? 31 January 2012 Known details: London Active Planet Reduce youth offending and anti-social behaviour among young people (aged 11-24) through diversionary activities Received £20,550 in 2010/11; cut by…(Read More)

In The News: Guardian: Social care services for children face cuts of 40%, warns charity. 15 November 2011 BBC News: Warning over child protection cuts. 1 July 2011 Known details: Area Average spend per young person (£) % change 2001-2010 2011-2012 Islington £1,037 £896 –13.6 Newcastle £676 £656 –3.1 Torfaen £530 £593…(Read More)



In The News BBC NEWS (29th Mar 2012): Arts groups being hit by funding cuts, survey says BBC NEWS (29th Mar 2012): Arts Council England cuts losers: One year on GUARDIAN (30th Mar 2011): Arts council cuts listed: get the data   Known Details: Cherwell 1710 Celebrations Committee Received £750 in 2010/11; no funding…(Read More)

In The News BBC NEWS (20th June 2011): Union fighting to save ‘lollipop ladies’ from cuts BBC NEWS (17th June 2011): Majority of Dorset schools will not pay for crossing patrols BBC NEWS (11th Feb 2011): Herne Hill school protest over Lambeth ‘lollipop’ cuts BBC NEWS (20th Jan 2011): Dorset lollipop patrol funding cuts spark…(Read More)

Home Start


Offers support, friendship and help to families with at least one pre-school child. Can help in a number of ways, with befriending, practical advice, help with transport and more. In The News BBC NEWS (11th May 2012): Home Start funding row over Devon council referrals GUARDIAN (28th Oct 2011): Offers of help for my…(Read More)

Fire Service


In The News BBC NEWS (27th Mar 2012): MPs call for rethink on Merseyside fire service cuts BBC NEWS (26th Mar 2012): South Yorkshire fire authority votes to close stations BBC NEWS (16th Feb 2012): Fife fire service cuts ‘may increase risk to communities’ GUARDIAN (4th Nov 2011): Fire service spending cuts risk lives, say…(Read More)



Connexions provides information, advice and guidance for young people, including careers advice. £1.2m of funding cuts have been made to the Connexions and youth services budget. In The News GUARDIAN (18th July 2011): Connexions cuts could hit clearing students, expert warns BBC NEWS (29th Mar 2011): Birmingham Connexions staff to strike over 30% cuts…(Read More)

Helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice. In The News INDEPENDENT (18th Feb 2011): Citizens Advice Bureaux under threat from cuts BBC NEWS (3rd Feb 2011): Citizens Advice cuts could be devastating, warns chief BBC NEWS (1st Feb 2011): Plea to government on Birmingham Citizens’ Advice…(Read More)



In The News BBC NEWS (27th Jan 2011): Violent crime fear over Stoke-on-Trent CCTV cuts   Known Details Huntingdonshire’s CCTV operations are based around a fixed camera system in town centres, and a mobile van fitted with CCTV. The van is designed to give the council the ability to provide a CCTV…(Read More)

Car Parks


In The News BBC NEWS (16th Mar 2012): NHS hospital parking fee rises criticised BBC NEWS (12th Sep 2010): Labour’s free NHS parking plan may be cut   Known Details Car Park fees are set to increase in Fenland, Huntingdonshire, Leicester, Manchester and Peterborough…(Read More)

Building Schools for the Future was Labour’s plan to rebuild every secondary school in England. Conservative Education secretary Michael Gove axed the programme on 5th July 2010. In The News BBC NEWS (14th June 2011): Q&A: Building Schools for the Future GUARDIAN (5th July 2010): School building programme scrapped in latest round…(Read More)

Border Agency


In The News BBC NEWS (1st May 2012): UK border force staff cut by 10% according to leaked data   Known Details The UK Border Agency considers applications for migrants to remain in the UK as visitors, students, workers. refugees etc. Hundreds of posts are being cut with no reduction in workload. This is likely…(Read More)



In The News GUARDIAN (7th Oct 2011): Cuts hit 120,000 troubled families Cameron promised to help Known Details Barnsley Barnardo’s Received a total of £385,771 in 2010/11; cut by a total of £185,125 in 2011/12. Birmingham Barnardo’s Received a total of £563,129 in 2010/11; cut by…(Read More)

Adult Care


In The News BBC NEWS (29th Feb 2012): West Sussex adult care cuts impact explored BBC NEWS (23rd Nov 2011): Medway Council proposes £2.1m adult social care cuts BBC NEWS (4th Oct 2011): Cuts to adult care in Lincolnshire to affect thousands   Known Details Adult Care Services have been cut in Birmingham, Bradford…(Read More)

Action for Children supports and speaks out for the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children and young people. In The News BBC NEWS (13th Oct 2011): Charity warns budget cuts creating family ‘time bomb’ Known details: Barnsley Received a total of £910,693 in 2010/11; cut by a total of £497,533 in 2011…(Read More)